Wannes De Craene

21 Years old Digital Creative and Web Developer

Wannes? Who?

It's Me! Wannes.

You can learn more about me by looking at the icons down here.


By studying New Media and Communication Technology in Kortrijk I found out about my real interests and how I could turn them into a job.


Since I was a little kid, I've been playing soccer at the local club SVH Waasmunster. Winning several Youth Division titles must have been some of the greatest feeling I've ever had.


Together with Thibault, another NMCT Student I host 'Tussen Pod en Pint'. A weekly podcast about tech, gaming, soccer and TV. Our Podcast is available on iTunes, TuneIn and podenpint.be.


I've alway been fascinated by the World Wide Web. By learning all kinds of webtechnologies I discovered that nothing is 100% the same.

User Experience

I adore to help other people. In IT I see User Experience as the perfect way to help them by making products that will give them exactly what they need.


Friends are really important to me. I feel blessed to have so much ways (Facebook, WhatsApp,...) to maintain my old friends while we are all doing our own thing.


As almost every IT student I got connected with the internet by playing games. I prefer multiplayer games which I can play with my friends.


When I want to clear my head I watch a Serie, Movie or show on TV. I'm a big fan of nostalgic Flemish Television and animation movies.

Yes I Did.

Creative Minds Think alike


As my friend and young photographer Flor Maesen decided to make a website to show off his work, I helped him out by taking care of the hosting, domain and design. This site uses a Bootstrap template customized to the guidelines of Flor.

January 2017, I helped him switching over to Berta.me where he can do the updates all by himself.

DIW Triple M3000

As a big fan of the talkshow 'De Ideale Wereld' I participated in a contest to win the Triple M3000 (nothing more than a small pouch with the logo). I've made a video where I had to wake up my sister in the middle of the night and had to tell her why I needed such a bag so badly.

I was pretty excited when two of the hosts, Otto-Jan Ham and Jelle De Beule, rang at my door in the middle of the night to tell me that I was one of the winners.


A simple WordPress Theme was enough to start our own podcast. We've added some plugin's such as stats and podcasting and we were ready to go. Later we've implemented ads to reward us for our time and investments.

To Improve the growth of our podcast we registered our podcast on iTunes and TuneIn.

And last but not least we try to communicate with the listeners by our social media:

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Langenaardstraat 4, 9250 Waasmunster